Security Incidents involving Personal data Q1 2015/16

In the first quarter of 2015/16 there were 391 new data security incidents reported to the Information Commission Office according to their website (

That constitutes an average of 130 incidents each month where information has been lost, stolen, compromised or inadvertently sent to the wrong recipient (31.5% of these cases related to information being given or sent to incorrect addresses and/or recipients).  Is this simply down to bad luck?

What can be done to help public bodies reduce the number of incidents? Perhaps security protocols are not working as intended (e.g.  too lenient or too difficult to follow and therefore, being ignored) or maybe these relate to processes.

I would be interested in hearing from anyone involved in data protection and security of personal data with their views on this subject.





Public Open Source Publishing

In July 2015 the Re-use of Public Sector Information Regulations 2015 (implementing European Directive 2013/37/EU) came into force.

These regulations require public bodies to make most Public Service Information available open source for re-use (unless the information is otherwise excluded or restricted).

Furthermore, these regulations amend the Freedom of Information Act 2000 so that, once information has been released, it must remain available and should be made available for re-use.

This will obviously have an impact on public services, the question is how much of an impact? I suspect there will be a lot of discussion in Public Sector offices around the country about this and I am keen to talk to anyone involved about how this might affect them and the service they provide.

The Re-use of Public Services Regulations 2015 places a requirement on  Public services in the UK to publish data sets open source.  The question is how can they do so safely and securely. This is the subject of my PhD and what I will be working towards finding out over the next few years. The plan is to keep you posted on my progress and ponderings along the way in the hope that you might contribute, discuss and debate with me.